Are the classes for beginners?

Yes, all the 26 postures in Bikram Yoga are beginning yoga postures, we do no advanced yoga postures. The Power Vinyasa Class is beginner oriented also with a class flow from one posture to the next.

What do I wear to a Yoga Session?

Wear what you feel most comfortable in keeping in mind the room is heated, we suggest your clothing to be tight fitting since movements are up and down. Proper attire is expected, no under garments or swimsuits please.

Will the studio provide mats and towels or should I bring my own?

It is best to bring your own mat & we suggest a beach size towel to cover your whole yoga mat. We have mats and towels for rental.

What should I drink during class?

Water is the best for hydration and Only Clear water in plastic is allowed in the yoga room, no glass.

Does the studio take Credit Cards, if so what type?

Yes, we take M/C, Visa, Discover American Express and every type of debit card, with a minimum charge of $5.00.

Is there a student shower available in the studio?

Yes, We have separate locker rooms for women and men with 3 showers in each locker room, you should bring an extra towel for the shower, I have rental towels available if you don’t bring a shower towel.

Are your Instructors qualified?

Yes, the Bikram classes are taught by qualified teachers that have attended a 9 week teachers training program and have received their training from Bikram himself. The Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructors are trained with Baron Baptiste in his inspired Power Yoga.

What temperature is the studio during a Bikram session?

Room is set at 105 degrees fahrenheit, with variations up and down.

What temperature is the Power Vinyasa Yoga class?

Room is set at 95 degrees fahrenheit, with variations up and down.

Does the studio sell gift certificates?

Yes, we have gift certificates available for purchase.

Can I still participate in the Yoga classes if I have a medical condition?

As in any new work out program please consult your physician prior to starting any yoga to see if you have any restrictions due to your medical condition. Once cleared by your physician yoga is just as safe as any work out.

Should I take medications or vitamins prior to my yoga class?

If at all possible you should take medications, vitamins etc. after your yoga class, taking them prior to class may cause you to feel nauseated during class. If you have medications that are on a time schedule good judgement should be used in this decision.

If I am pregnant can I still participate in Bikram Yoga?

Only if you have already been practicing Bikram yoga and have consulted with your physician, we have modified moves for pregnancies, it is not a workout program to start if you are pregnant. If you are a practicing Bikram yoga student the first trimester is the only time you should not practice Bikram yoga.

What is the minimum age requirement?

11 Years Old is the minimum age, every youth 16 and under must have a Parent/Guardian in the yoga room with them for the whole class time of 90 or 60 minutes, if the youth needs to leave the room the Parent/Guardian is required to attend to the youth.

What age can the student attend without a Parent/Guardian in the yoga room?

17 and over with a valid drivers license, the student would need to be able to drive themselves to and from the studio. Core Yoga Orlando does not allow parents to drop off students or wait in the lobby for the student.

Can My child wait in the lobby while I take my class?

No, there are no children or adults allowed to wait in the lobby during class time.

May I leave my animal in a carrier in the lobby while I take class?

No animals are allowed in Core Yoga Orlando, not even in their carrier.

Is there a safe place to store my personal belongings while taking a class?

Yes, we have small unlocked lockers for keys and wallets. Your belongings will be safe in the Lobby, we lock the doors during all class times and this is closely monitored during this time by requiring all students remain in the room. Anything of value should be locked in your trunk and as usual don’t leave anything of value in view in your vehicle.

How long is a Bikram Yoga Class?

90 minutes with Xpress Bikram being 60 minutes.

How long is the Power Vinyasa Class?

60 minutes to 75 minutes

What time do I need to arrive to take a Yoga class?

First time students should arrive at least 25 minutes prior to the scheduled time for class to start for a brief orientation and set up in the computer. Once you are established in the computer arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time to give yourself time to set up in the yoga room. Every class time starts promptly on time and the doors are locked.

Is there music playing in the studio during the Bikram Class and am I aloud to bring my own music?

No, music is played during the 90 minute Core26/Bikram class

Yes, music is played softly in the 60-75 minute Power Yoga class