Bikram yoga became a part of my life in February of 2001.

My husband was seeking “something” to make him more flexible and found Bikram yoga in it’s pioneer state in Orlando. At his suggestion I attended my very first Bikram yoga class.

What an experience in a very HOT room.

In those 90 minutes I would experience such peaks and valleys in a work out like non other I had ever done and I knew I was hooked. After several years of 2-3 classes a week I was ready to go to Bikram Yoga teachers training, a very intense 9 week 2 classes a day practice of Bikram yoga, also nicknamed Bikram’s Bootcamp.

Every time I teach a Bikram yoga class I hope only one person hears and understands one concept and takes that with them for the rest of their lives.

On April 15, 2007 I entered the torture chamber of Bikram Yoga teachers training with my intention to just get better at Bikram yoga. After 9 weeks of learning the Bikram yoga dialogue to teach a Bikram yoga class I discovered I now was a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher and I was hooked on teaching and sharing this great body/mind experience with as many people as I could.