• Posture #7: Balancing Stick

    Sanskrit Name: Tuladandasana   Benefits: cardiovascular, increases blood flow to all over body and arteries of heart, clears blocked arteries, prevents future cardiac problems, total spine stretch, relieves stress from spine, great for emotional problems, good for varicose veins, builds strength in lower extremities, exercises pancreas, liver, spleen, nervous and circulatory systems.

  • Posture #12: Toe Stand

    Sanskrit Name: Padangustasana Benefits: creates balance in body and mind, strengthens stomach muscles, strengthens weak joints, good for arthritis in knees and legs.

  • Posture #15: Sit-Up with Double Exhale

    Sanskrit Name: Sit-up   Benefits: Tones Abdominal Muscles and re-energizes the systemBenefits: Tones Abdominal Muscles and re-energizes the system.

  • Posture #22: Camel Pose

    Sanskrit Name: Ustrasana  Benefits: compresses spine, helps cure back problems, opens rib cage, heart, lungs and digestive system, stimulates nervous system, great for lungs and any problem in bronchial plexus, strengthens back and shoulder muscles, improves flexibility of neck, stretches throat, sends fresh blood to kidneys.                                

Core Yoga Orlando

A Community Yoga Studio Evolved From A Bikram Style Root

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October 1, 2011  |  Comment

The Core Yoga Orlando previously: Bikram Yoga Winter Garden Studio ! Official ribbon cutting with the West Orange County Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor of Winter Garden, John Rees. REGISTER Here to Start Your Core Yoga Orlando Experience!
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